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Section V 2019 Results

Date Meet Site Results
4-6 Mercy invitational Mercy HS Results

 Section V 2018 Results

Date Meet Site Results
5-26 State Qualifier - Meet of Champs Cal-Mum Results
5-26 Class B-CC Championships Avon Results
5-26 Class A-AA Championships Rush-Henrietta Results
5-25 Class C-D Championships Marion Results
5-19 Genesee Region Championships  Alexander Results
5-18 Livingston County Championships Cal-Mum Results
5-19 Monroe County Championships Brockport Results
5-19 Wayne-FL Championships Marion Results
5-18 RCAC Championships Franklin Academy Results
5-17 Monroe County JV Girls Champ Webster Thomas HS Results
5-16 Monroe County JV Boys Champ Eastridge HS Results
5-16 Allegany Championship  Wellsville Complex Girls- Boys
5-16 PPL League Championship Aquinas Results
5-12 Spring Day Wellsville HS Results
5-12 Batavia Invitational Van Detta Stadium Results
5-12 Royal Comet Invitational Rush-Henrietta HS Results
5-11 Lancer Invitational Eastridge HS Results
5-11 Marion Invitational Marion HS Results
5-11 Livonia Invitational Livonia HS Results
5-5 LeRoy Modified Invitational LeRoy Stadium Results
5-5 Sodus Invitational Sodus HS Results
5-5 Al Mullan Hilton Cadet Hilton HS Results
5-4 Pembroke Invitational Pembroke HS Results
5-4 Hornell Invitational Hornell HS Boys - Girls
5-4 East Invitational East HS Results
5-4 Victor Invitational Victor HS Results
4-27 Wayne Invitational Wayne HS Results
4-27 Brighton Relays Brighton HS Results
4-27 Lyons Invitational Lyons HS Results
4-21 RH Comet Relays RH Sperry HS Results
4-21 Webster Invitational Webster HS Results
4-21 Alexander Invitational Alexander HS Results
4-20 LeRoy Invitational LeRoy Stadium Results
4-18 Wellsville Impromptu-2 Wellsville HS Girls - Boys
4-13 Wellsville Impromptu Wellsville HS Girls - Boys

 Section V 2017 Results

Date Meet Site Results
6-2 Section V State Qualifier Lyons HS Results
5-27 Section V Class AA-A Rush-Henrietta Results
5-27 Section V Class C-D Lyons Central Results
5-26 Section V Class B-CC Honeoye Fallls-Lima Results
5-20 Wayne-FingerLakes Champ Sodus Results
5-20 Genesee Region Champ Alexander Results
5-20 Monroe County Champ SUNY Brockport Results
5-19 RCAC Championships Franklin HS Results
5-19 LCAA Championships   Results
5-13 Fast Times Invit Corning Results
5-13 Spring Day Wellsville Results
5-13 Royal Comet Invitational Rush-Henrietta Results
5-12 Marion Invitational Marion Results
5-12 Livonia Invitational Livonia Results
5-12 LeRoy Invitational LeRoy Results
5-6 Runnin' Cadet Classic Hilton Results
5-6 Batavia Invit Batavia Results
5-5 John Reed Memorial Invit Alfred-Almond Results Boy Score Girl Score
5-5 Caledonia-Mumford Invit Cal-Mum Results
5-5 Hornell Invit Hornell Results
5-5 Pembroke Invit Pembroke Results
5-5 Victor Twilight Victor Results
4-29  Pent-Steeple-Throws Wellsville Pent Steeple Throws
4-29 Olean Invit Olean Results
4-29 His and Hers Penfield Results
4-29 Tiger Invit Warsaw Results
4-28 Wayne Invit Wayne Central Results
4-28 Lyons Invit Lyons Results
4-28 Brighton Relays Brighton Results
4-22 RH Comet Relays RH Sperry Results
4-22 Webster Invit Webster Thomas Results
4-21 Ferd Stenta Invit Bath-Haverling Results
4-20 Spring Sensation Waterloo Results
4-8  Ernie Davis Academy Waite Molnar Boys - Girls

 Section V 2016 Results

Date Site Meet Results
6-3 Penn Yan Section V State Qualifiers Results
5-28 Penfield Class AA-A Results
5-28 Lyons Class CC-C Results
5-27 Marion Class B-D Results
5-21 Penn Yan Wayne FingerLakes Results
5-21 Kendall Genesee Region Results
5-21 Victor Monroe County Results
5-20 Cal-Mum Livingston County Results
5-20 St. John Fisher RCAC Results
5-17 Arkport Steuben County - D2 Results
5-16 Canisteo-Greenwood Steuben County - D1 Results
5-14 Wellsville Elks Spring Day Results
5-14 RH Sperry HS Royal Comet Invitational Results
5-13 Livonia HS Livonia Invitational Results
5-13 Marion HS Marion Invitational Results
5-7 Alfred-Almond John Reed Memorial Invitational Results - Scores
5-7 Hornell Hornell Invitational Results
5-7 Batavia Batavia Invitational Results
5-7 Hilton Cadet Showdown Invitational Results
5-6 Victor Twilight Invitational Results
5-6 Eastridge Lancer Invitational Results
5-6 Cal-Mum Cal-Mum Invitational Results
4-30 Warsaw Tiger Invitational Results
4-30 Wellsville Pent-Steeple Pent - Steeple
4-30 Penfield His and Hers Invitational Results
4-29 Wayne Wayne Invitational Results
4-29 Lyons Lyons Invitational Results
4-23 Webster Webster Invitational Results
4-23 Rush-Henrietta RH Relays Results -
4-23 Ernie Davis Academy Waite Molnar Invitational Boys Results -
Girls Results
4-16 Waterloo Holly Hain Memorial Results
4-16 Waterloo Spring Sensation Results
4-16 Alexander Trojan Invite Results

 Section V 2015 Results

Date Site Meet Results
6-5 Cal-Mum State Qualifier Results
5-30 Brockport B-CC Championship Results
5-30 Marion HS C-D Championship Results
5-30 Victor HS AA-A Championship Results
5-23 MynderseHS W-FL Championship Results
5-23 Penfield HS Monroe County Championship Results
5-23 Holley HS Genesee Region Champ Results
5-22 Salamanca HS Super 8 Champ Results
5-21 Dansville/Cal-Mum HS LCAA Champ Results
5-21 Arcadia HS Monroe Country JV Girls Results
5-21 Gate-Chili HS Monroe Country JV Boys Results
5-20 St. John Fisher College RCAC Championships Results
5-15 Campbell-Savona Steuben County Champ Results
5-16 Rush-Henrietta HS Royal Comet Invitational Results
5-15 Marion HS Marion Invitational Results
5-12 Canisteo-Greenwood HS Steuben County-D1 Results
5-11 Arkport HS Steuben County-D2 Results
5-9 Hilton HS Cadet Classic Results
5-8 Wellsville HS Spring Day Results
5-8 Victor HS Victor Invitational Results
5-8 Eastridge HS Lancer Invitational Results
5-8 Elmira HS Fast Times Invitational Boys - Girls
5-2 Arkport HS John Reed Memorial Results - Scores
5-2 Penfield HS His and Hers Invitational Results
5-2 Batavia HS Batavia Invitational Results
5-1 Pembroke HS Pembroke Invitational Results
5-1 Wayne HS Wayne Invitational Results
5-1 Odessa-Montour HS Legends of the Night Boys - Girls
4-25 Elmira HS Waite Molnar Invitational Boys - Girls
4-25 Olean HS Olean Invitational Results - Scores
4-25 Bath HS Ferd Stenta Invitational Girls - Boys
4-25 Ernie Davis Academy Waite Molnar Invitational Girls - Boys
4-25 Webster HS Webster Invitational Results
4-24 Brighton HS Brighton Relays Results
4-18 Campbell-Savona HS Holly Hain Relays Results - Scores
4-18 RH Sperry HS RH Relays Results
4-18 Alexander HS Trojan Invitational LG Div - SM Div Merged
4-18 Wellsville HS Pent-Steeple-Throwers Steeple - Pent - Throws
4-11 Waterloo HS Spring Sensation Results

 Section V 2014 Results

Date Site Meet Results
5-24 Eastridge HS State Qualifier Results
5-24 Wheatland-Chili HS Section V Class CC-D Champ Results
5-24 Lyons HS Section V Class B-C Champ Results
5-24 Penfield HS Section V Class AA-A Champ Results
5-19 Marion HS W-FL Mod Champ Results
5-19 Franklin HS RCAC Champ Results
5-17 Salamanca Super 8 Invite Results
5-16 Campbell-Savona HS Steuben County Champ Results Scores
5-16 Cal-Mum HS Livingston County Champ Results
5-17 Oakfield-Alabama Genesee Region Champ Results
5-17 Marion W-FL Champ Results
5-17 Rush Henrietta Monroe County Champ Results
5-15 Victor Monroe Country Boys JV Results
5-15 Webster Thomas Monroe Country Girls JV Results
5-13 Arkport Steuben County D2 Girls Boys
5-12 Canisteo-Greenwood  Steuben County D1 Girls Boys
5-10 Wellsville Spring Day Results
5-10 Van Detta Stadium Batavia Invitational Results
5-9 Marion HS Marion Invitational Results
5-9 Leroy HS Leroy Invitational Results
5-2 Odessa Montour HS Legends of the Night Girls Boys
5-3 HS John Reed Invitational Girls Boys
5-3 Hilton HS Cadet Invitational Results
5-2 Wayne HS Wayne Invitational Results
5-2 Pembroke HS Pembroke Invitational Results
5-2 Hornell HS Hornell Invitational Results
5-2 Victor HS Victor Twilight Invitational Results
4-26 Olean HS Olean Invitational Results
4-25 Bath-Haverling Ferd Stenta Invitational Boys Res Girls Res
4-26 Warsaw HS Tiger Invitational Results
4-26 Penfield HS His & Hers Invitational Results
4-26 Alexander HS Alexander Invitational Results
4-25 Lyons HS Lyons Invitational Results
4-25 Brighton HS Brighton Relays Results
4-19 Elmira Free Academy Waite-Molnar Boys Girls
4-18 Gates-Chili HS Pentathlon Results
4-19 Wellsville HS Pent and Steeple Pent Steeple
4-17 Tom Coughlin Stadium Spring Sensation Results
4-16 Rh Sperry HS RH Comet Relays Results
4-12 Webster Thomas  Webster Invitational  Results

 Section V 2013 Results 

Date Site Meet Results
5-31 Waterloo State Qualifier Results
5-28 Waterloo W-FL Mod Invite Results
5-25 Penfield Sectionals - Class A/AA Results
5-25 Marion Sectionals - Class B/C Results
5-25 Wheatland-Chili Sectionals - Class CC/D Results
5-23 Marion W-FL Sub-Varsity Champ Results
5-18 Byron-Bergen Genesee County Champ Results
5-18 Hilton Monroe County Champ Results
5-17 Caledonia-Mumford Livingston County Results
5-17 Marion Wayne-Finger Lakes Results
5-17 Salamanca Super 8 Results
5-17 Franklin Roch City AC Results
5-16 Eastridge Monroe County JV Boys Results
5-16 Webster Thomas Monroe County JV Girls Results
5-14 Arkport Steuben County D2 Results
5-14 Canisteo-Greenwood Steuben County D1 Results
5-14 Mynderse W-FL League Results
5-11 Batavia Batavia Invit Results
5-11 Wellsville Elks Spring Day Results PDF
5-11 Aquinas Aquinas Relays Results
5-4 Hilton Hilton Cadet Results
5-3 Cal-Mum Cal-Mum Invitational Results-PDF
5-3 Pembroke Pembroke Invitational Results
5-3 Marion Marion Invitational Results
5-3 Odessa-Montour Legends of the Night Field Results
4-30 Marion W-FL League Meet Results
4-27 Penfield His n Hers Invitational Results
4-26 Wayne Wayne Invitational Results
4-26 Lyons Lyons Invitational Results
4-23 Mynderse W-FL League Results
4-20 Wellsville Pent & Steeple Pent - Steeple
4-20 Campbell-Savona Holly Hain Memorial Results - Scores
4-20 Alexander Trojan Invitational Results
4-20 Lyons W-FL League Results
4-19 Brighton Brighton Relays Results
4-13 Webster Thomas Webster Invit Results
4-4 Waterloo HS Spring Sensation Results

 Section V 2012 Results

Date Site Meet Results
4-12 Waterloo HS Spring Sensation Results
4-20 Brighton HS Brighton Relays Track - Boys - Girls
4-21 Alexander HS Trojan Invit Results
4-21 W-FL Wayne-FL League Invit Results
4-21 Webster HS Webster Invit Results
4-21 Wellsvile HS Pent / Steeple Pent- Steeple Result
4-21 Campbell-Savona HS Holy Hain Memorial Results -Scores
4-27 Lyons HS Lyons Invit Results
4-27 Wayne HS Wayne Early Season Results
4-28 Batavia - VanDetta Batavia Invit Results
4-28 Olean Olean Invit Results
4-28 Penfield His & Hers Invit Results
4-28 Dansville Dansville/Fabian Invit

Boys Girls

5-4 Pembroke HS Pembroke Invit Results
5-4 Hornell HS Hornell Invit Results
5-4 Marion HS Marion Invit Results
5-4 Odessa Montour HS Legends Boys - Girls
5-5 Hilton HS Runnin' Cadet Results
5-5 Hilton HS Sat Night Showdown Results
5-11 Victor HS Twilight Inv Results
5-12 Sperry HS Royal Comet Inv Results  
5-12 Wellsville HS Spring Day Inv Results
5-14 Canisteo-Greenwood Steuben County Div 1 Girls - Boys
5-15 Arkport HS Steuben County Div 2 Girls - Boys
5-17 Penfield HS Monroe JV Girls Girls Results
5-17 East Irond HS Monroe JV Boys Boys Results
5-18 Franklin HS RCAC Results
5-18 East Rochester Wayne-Finger Lakes Results
5-18 Cal-Mumford Livingston Cnty Results
5-18 Campbell-Sav Steuben County Boys - Girls
5-19 Wheatland-Chili Genesee Region Champ Results
5-19 Victor HS Monroe Cnty Results
5-26 Penfield HS Sectionals AA-A Results
5-26 Marion HS Sectionals B-C Results
5-26 Wheatland-Chili HS Sectionals CC-D Results
6-1 Penn Yan HS State Qualifier Results