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On behalf of the chaperones with want to thank you for a very enjoyable weekend and congratulate everyone on a successful state meet, bring home nearing 150 medals.  We are all very proud of you. 

We wish the seniors all the luck in the future and look forward to working with the underclassmen again next spring. 

Have a great summer!

-Mr. Bush and Mr. Rosko


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 New- ALL-TIME INDOOR LISTS: Coach Yen, with the help of a few other coaches,  has started to compile Indoor "all-time" lists for Boys and Girls from sanctioned HS meets. The ultimate goal is to get to the top 10-15 for our standard events.  The committee will decide on any conversions. Prior to 1980, most races were yards. (ex. John Tuttle in 1977 ran 2:14.2 1000y, 1000m is 1093.61y).The initial lists are linked here:  Girls - Boys -I will get back to these soon.

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NYSPHSAA 2016 XC Championships

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Lawler and Dellinger sweep Class B, Mendon Boys take 2nd to Burnt Hills

Watson beats Vestri in Class A, Palotti wins Class C

Great article by Jim Castor at www.democratandchronicle.com

Full results at www.leonetiming.com

Pictures by Ron Kalasinskas at www.rochesterforkids.com

Class B Boys – Pittsford Mendon 2nd with Nathan Lawler* taking 1st at 15:30.3, Paul Dellinger of Brighton took 2nd at 16:00.3.  Lawler took 2nd merged to Class A winner Ty Brownlow of Liverpool at 15:27.5, pre-meet favorite Noah Carey of Guilderland took 4th merged at 15:30.7.

Class A Girls – Webster Thomas 7th, Sammy Watson of Rush-Henrietta 6th at 18:08.5, 7th in merged results.  Amanda Vestri of Thomas 9th at 18:17.8 and Anna Kostarellis of Churchville Chili 12th at 18:20.6

Class C Girls – Waterloo 8th, Haleigh Palotti of Livonia 1st at 18:29.4

Class A Boys – Penfield 6th, Tyler Senall* 16th at 16:01.8, Payton Gleason* of Churchville-Chili 17th at 16:02.9, Majd Rouhana* 23rd at 16:10.9

Class C Boys – Addison 3rd, Joshua Walsh of Hornell 10th at 16:40.3

Class B Girls – Canandaigua 8th, Rebekah Prieser** of Pittsford Sutherland 14th at 19:05.0. Maddie Hobika* of Pittsford Sutherland 15th at 19:09.1

Class D Girls – Harley-Allendale-Columbia 4th, Chloe Weaver of Red Creek 7th at 19:17.2

Class D Boys – Oakfield-Elba 6th, Jacob Appleton** of Lima Christian 11th at 16:46.4

Article by Reggie Henderson of www.HendersonFinancialAdvisors.com

2016 Section V XC Championships

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Thomas, Penfield, Mendon Strike Back!

Vestri and Lawler win by 20 and 18 secs over Watson and Dellinger

Section V Champions:

Class A Girls Webster Thomas and Amanda Vestri

Class A Boys Penfield and Fairport’s Majd Rouhana

Class B Girls Canandaigua and Sutherland’s Maddie Hobika

Class B Boys Pittsford Mendon and Nathan Lawler

Class C Girls Waterloo and Livonia’s Haleigh Palotti

Class C Boys Addison and Hornell’s Joshua Walsh

Class D Girls Harley-Allendale-Columbia and Emma Fiorini

Class D Boys Oakfield/Elba and Campbell-Savona’s Nick Harrigan

Class DD Girls Red Creek and Chloe Weaver

Class DD Boys Geneseo and Clyde-Savannah-Lyons Ethan Dielshelar

Last week at the Monroe County Championships the Rush-Henrietta girls upset Webster Thomas, Fairport boys beat undefeated Penfield, and Brighton took 3rd over a 6th place Pittsford Mendon who had been 3-time overall county champion.  But this week with a trip to states on the line Thomas beat Rush for girls class A, Penfield beat Fairport for boys class A, and Mendon beat Brighton for boys Class B.

Here’s the movement from counties to sectionals:

Sectionals Thomas Girls 42: 1 Amanda Vestri, 4 Claire Ashton, 9 Heather Ashton, 13 Sadie Cunningham, 15 Lia Kowalski.

Sectionals Rush Girls 53: 2 Sammy Watson, 5 Bailey Pierce, 7 Haley Riorden, 19 Allison Menendez, 20 Emma Canny

Counties Thomas Girls 81: 1 Amanda Vestri, 6 Claire Ashton, 23 Heather Ashton, 24 Lia Kowalski, 27 Kate Welch

Counties Rush Girls 63: 2 Sammy Watson, 5 Bailey Pierce, 11 Haley Riorden, 20 Emma Canny, 25 Allison Menendez

Looks like Thomas’ Ashton move from losing to Rush’ Riorden by 4 places to beating her by 6 places made the big difference.

Sectionals Penfield Boys 54: 2 Tyler Senall, 9 Brad Farnham, 11 Jacob Fredericks, 15 Conor Davis, 17 Zachary Gauronski

Sectionals Fairport Boys 59: 1 Majd Rouhana, 7 Sean Henretta, 12 Ben Bulkeley, 19 Ethan Abell, 20 Nathan Markle

Counties Penfield Boys 99: 5 Tyler Senall, 12 Brad Farnham, 21 Jacob Fredericksw, 23 Jack Murphy, 38 Conor Davis

Counties Fairport Boys 87: 2 Majd Rouhana, 9 Sean Henretta, 22 Matt Abell, 26 Nathan Markle, 27 Ben Bulkeley

In Counties Penfield 5th man Davis(38) gave up 11 places to Fairport 5th man Bulkeley.  And although both Davis and Bulkeley moved up to 4th man on their teams, at Sectionals Davis(15) made up 8 places by getting within 3 of Bulkeley(12).

Sectionals Mendon Boys 56: 1 Nathan Lawler, 9 Sam Lawler, 13 Sam Trawick, 16 Joshua McCarthy, 17 Conor Fitzgerald

Sectionals Brighton Boys 57: 2 Paul Dellinger, 3 Jonah Simpson, 12 Oliver Rapp, 14 William Stone, 26 Xander Guzman

Counties Mendon Boys 138: 1 Nathan Lawler, 24 Sam Trawick, 30 Sam Lawler, 35 Conor Fitzgerald, 48 James Smith

Counties Brighton Boys 122: 2 Paul Dellinger, 7 Jonah Simpson, 29 Oliver Rapp, 34 William Stone, 50 Xander Guzman

What a heartbreak for Brighton, year after year being as high as second ranked Class B Boys team in the state only to be denied entry into NYSPHSAA championships because Mendon has been the top Class B Boys team in the state.  After beating Mendon in Counties this seemed like their year, but they lost it by 1 point.  The key improvements for Mendon were in positions 2 and 5 where Mendon lost a net sum of 15 at counties and gained a net sum of 5 at Sectionals.  Brighton 2nd man Simpson’s 31 second gap over Mendon’s 2nd man Trawick shrunk to a 21 second gap over Mendon freshmen Sam Lawler and there were a lot less runners at Sectionals to fill in that gap than there were at Counties.  But there was also overall improvement for Mendon as Brighton had a total time of 15.8 seconds faster than Mendon at Counties, and Mendon had total time that was 2.9 seconds faster than Brighton at Sectionals.

Monroe County Championships

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Fairport Boys and Rush Girls Take Over

Mendon and Thomas take solace in having the individual champions Lawler and Vestri

Full results at www.yentiming.com

Photos by Ron Kalasinskas at www.RochesterForKids.com

Fairport boys had to defeat the 3-time defending champion Pittsford Mendon who had the boys champion on their team, and this season’s only undefeated team Penfield, and they did it with room to spare.  They were so deep that their 6th man took 28th place.

87 Fairport, Majd Rouhana 3, Sean Henretta 9, Matt Abell 22, Nathan Merkle 26, Ben Bulkeley 27

99 Penfield, Tyler Senall 5, Brad Farnham 12, Jacob Federicks 21, Jack Murphy 23, Conor Davis 38

Rush-Henrietta girls had to knock off 3-time defending champion Webster Thomas who had the girls champion on their team and they battled it out girl by girl picking up a lot on their 3rd versus Thomas’s 3rd (who is only an 8th grader, wow!).

63 Rush, Sammy Watson 2, Bailey Pierce 5, Haley Riorden 11, Emma Canny 20, Allison Menedez 25

81 Thomas, Amanda Vestri 1, Claire Ashton 6, Heather Ashton 23, Lia Kowalski 24, Kate Welch 27

Individual Champions were the same as at McQuaid with Pittsford Mendon’s Nathan Lawler having 16 seconds to spare over second place Paul Dellinger of Brighton.  And Amanda Vestri winning by about the same margin over Sammy Watson of Rush-Henrietta.  (nice job Amanda, you beat a girl who was in the US Olympic Trials last summer!).

Top 7 Boys:

1. Nathan Lawler*, Pittsford-Mendon, 15:08.8

2. Paul Dellinger, Brighton, 15:24.9

3. Majd Rouhana*, Fairport, 15:42.9

4. Payton Gleason*, Churchville-Chili, 15:48.1

5. Tyler Senall*, Penfield, 15:55.8

6. Ryan Thompson**, Irondequoit, 15:56.2

7. Jonah Simpson, Brighton, 15:59.1

Top 7 Girls:

1. Amanda Vestri, Webster Thomas, 17:38.2

2. Sammy Watson, Rush-Henrietta, 17:53.9

3. Madeleine Shellard*, Irondequoit, 18:08.7

4. Anna Kostarellis, Churchville-Chili, 18:25.8

5. Bailey Pierce*, Rush-Henrietta, 18:34.9

6. Claire Ashton, Webster Thomas, 18:37.3

7. Maddie Hobika*, Pittsford Sutherland, 18:40.7

Top 7 Boys Teams (and avg time):

1. Fairport, 87, 16:15.2

2. Penfield,  99, 16:22.1

3. Brighton, 122, 16:21.3

4. Brockport, 125, 16:27.7

5. Churchville-Chili, 129, 16:27.7

6. Pittsford Mendon, 138, 16:24.5

7. Hilton, 143, 16:35.8

Top 7 Girls Teams

1. Rush-Henrietta, 63

2. Webster Thomas, 81

3. Pittsford Sutherland, 132

4. Canandaigua, 142

5. Hilton, 152

6. Penfield, 157

7. Churchville-Chili, 161

Results highlighted by Reggie Henderson of www.HendersonFinancialAdvisors.com

XC October 15, 2016

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Watson Wins Burnt Hills

Senall takes Spartan Waterfront

Sammy Watson took first place (17:49.19) in a field of 547 girls at the Burnt Hills Invitational (near Albany, NY).  Watson’s pace of 5:50 per mile came close to the McQuaid pace of Amanda Vestri of Webster Schroeder at 5:41 (on maybe a flatter course?).

Watson along with teammate Bailey Pierce, who took 12th at 18:35.33, lead the Rush-Henrietta girls to a 6th place finish in the 72 team field. 

Hilton FRESHMEN Maddy Mason ran a 19:04.05 for 29th place leading Hilton to an 8th place team finish.

For the boys, Erik Lacourt took 5th out of a field of 585 leading Brockport to a 4th place team finish out of 78 teams.  Lacourt ran 15:44.33 for a 5:09.7 pace.  Paul Suflita took 7th at 15:46.67 to lead Greece Arcadia to a 7th place team finish.  And the McQuaid boys took 5th as a team with some great depth to the 5th man.

At the Greece Olympia Spartan Waterfront Invitational at Hamlin Beach the Penfield Boys continued their undefeated season lead by Tyler Senall at 16:18 for a 5:15 pace to win the field of 225 boys.  Next was Payton Gleason of Churchville-Chili at 16:20 and the Churchville-Chili “Kostarellis” that shined today was Peter Kostarellis taking 3rd at 16:49.

Penfield boys dominated the meet with 26 points in the field of 8 teams.  1. Senall, 4. Brad Farnham, 6. Jack Murphy, 8. Jacob Fredericks, 9. Conor Davis.

Haley Arguien was the top girl from Section V at 19:27 (6:16 pace).  Meridith Morse (19:48) and Maddie Hobika (20:06) lead Pittsford Sutherland to 2nd place team by taking 4th and 6th.