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* The entry lock feature will be on for individual events. This means that when a coach makes individual entries, any leaderboard marks will be locked (cannot be changed). Of course if the athlete has not competed in that event yet, then they are free to enter/estimate a mark.

RELAY ENTRIES BUG: Unfortunately, Clicking the X to remove a relay from the Entries List removes all relay teams from that event. To remove a relay team (like D) without removing others (A,B,C), simply "Make Entries", select that relay event, then remove the time from that relay (D) and then save. Team D is now gone and A,B,C remain.



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Fairport is looking for a spring track coach with a background in Sprint/Hurdles or Throws.  Interested parties should contact Fritz Kilian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spencerport is looking for the following coaches:
Outdoor Track – 4 ( 3 field events, 1 sprint/hurdles )
Interested candidates can contact the A.D. @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Upcoming Meets

WEEK 6 MEETS: This is a big week of meets with standards,
so please check the handbook.

Jan 19 - Sub Varsity @ Brockport - 6-11 pm
Entries are due Thur - 8 pm - PROGRAM - updated 11:30a
*Each athlete needs to be JV or Mod level in the account.
Additional Relay entries will be cut.

Jan 20 - Classes B & C at RIT - 10-4 p Program-
Jan 20 - Classes A & D at RIT - 5-11 p Program-
Entries are due Thur - 8 pm
Each school may have 2 boys and 2 girls per event -
To have more, all must have met handbook standards.
The standard for the boys weight this weekend is 29'00"
The standard for girls is 24'00"

Jan 20 - Sect 5 vs 6: Program.
Top 20 Section V entries against the Top 20 Section VI entries
All schools may ENTER a boys/girls 4 x 200, 4 x 400, 4 x 800, and SMR.
Entry deadline Wed - 8:00 pm.
Entries were scratched down, the meet was seeded and program posted.
There will not be a round of coaches' scratches and reseeding.

Entry Issues? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance of the due date.

W-FL/ LCAA Indoor Champ Meet Info -

Happy Holidays

Written by Dave Yendrzeski on .

Special thanks to Coach Dave Hennessey and the Penfield crew for their efforts in getting the Pole Vault / High Jump mats, standards and hurdles to the Hobart and Wm Smith facility for the December 29-30 meets. Happy New Year to all !

2017 McQuaid Invitational

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

There's lots of coverage for this grand meet

First of all: results at: www.yentiming.com where you can find results for xc and track events all year long.

Next: links to the fantastic coverage by the D&C's James Johnson:




Next: fantastic pictures by Ron Kalasinskas published at: www.rochesterforkids.com

Note: for the rochesterforkids site, you need flashplayer, which most phones don't have, but most PC's do have.

Finally: I've pulled a few results from yentiming and pics from rochesterforkids to highlight the top Section V finishers at McQuaid:

Girls Teams:

1. Rush-Henrietta, 19:01.2

2. Webster Thomas, 19:21.5

3. Churchville-Chili, 19:20.8

4. Pittsford Mendon, 19:28.2

5. Canandaigua, 19:27.1

6. Hilton, 19:32.1

7. Webster Schroeder, 19:58.3

Boys Teams:

1. Fairport, 15:49.4

2. Churchville-Chili, 15:57.8

3. Irondequoit, 16:06.7

4. Penfield, 16:01.3

5. McQuaid Jesuit, 16:15.6

6. Honeoye Falls-Lima, 16:21.4

7. Pittsford Mendon, 16:09.0

Girls Individuals:

1. Haleigh Palotti, 12, Livonia, 17:39.0

2. Rebekah Preisser, 11, Pittsford Sutherland, 17:54.0

3. Haley Riordan, 11, Rush-Henrietta, 17:56.5

4. Haley Arguien, 12, Churchville-Chili 18:22.0

5. Madeleine Shellard, 12, Irondequoit, 18:23.4

6. Heather Ashton, 9, Webster Thomas, 18:37.8

7. Quinn Metcalfe, 12, Churchville-Chili, 18:46.7

Boys Individual:

1. Nathan Lawler, 12, Pittsford Mendon, 14:52.1

2. Tyler Senall, 12, Penfield, 15:02.1

3. Ben Bulkeley, 12, Fairport, 15:08.3

4. Sam Lawler, 10, Pittsford Mendon, 15:15.4

5. Abel Hagos, 11, McQuaid Jesuit, 15:15.4

6. Payton Gleason, 12, Churchville-Chili, 15:17.3

7. Nicholas Andrews, 11, Brockport, 15:30.8


State Qualifier - Awards

Written by Dave Yendrzeski on .

Section V Champ Meet - MVP's!

Sectional MVPs
(courtesy Doug Schneider)

Yen Timing / Greater Rochester Track Officials Association - Scholarship Winners!

Chima Dimgba - Greece Athena, Brad Farnham - Penfield, Elsa Cole - Fillmore
pictured with Dave Yendrzeski, Yen Timing
Cedric Walker Award winnerss
(courtesy Doug Schneider)

Feb 4, 2017 - Weekend Recap

Written by Connor Kerr on .

Fast times were all over the map starting with the 1600m/1500m. Nathan Lawler had the fastest time with a 4:27.48 and Alec Andrews close behind with 4:27.51. Majd Rouhana also did well winning his race in 4:29. Haley Riorden a sophmore came through in 4:47 winning her race and Bailey Pierce her teammate followed in 4:50.

There were fast times in the 1000m as well when Ben Bulkeley ran a 2:29.54 putting him 5th in the nation. Tyler Senall followed in 2:33 and Shane Pease won his race in 2:41. Anna Kostarellis won her race in 2:54 putting her 18th in the country. During the 600m Lowell McCarthy ran a 1:26 and Ethan Hilbert ran a 1:28. Hayleigh Palotti had the fastest 600 for the girls with a 1:36 and Elyse Barkstrom ran a 1:43.

Noah Williams won his 300m race with a 34.88 putting him 21st in the country and 7th in the state. The fastest 300m for the girls was run by Sinead Sargeant with a 42.48 and Waniya Hudson ran a 43.30. during the 55m Anthony Brinson ran a 6.69 and Da'Kari Brown  ran a 6.72. Nazjahe Boswell ran a 7.64 and Abby Frank ran a 7.31.

Tony SanGregory ran a 7.93 in the 55mh and Ahmad Clanton ran a 7.89. Chima Dimgba    ran a 8.60 and Chanel Odum 8.75. Emily Murphy a freshman won her racewalk event in 7:31 putting her 21st in the state.

On the boys side McQuaid Jesuit won the 800m relay in 1:30.80 putting them 4th in the state and 25th in the nation. Webster Thomas had the fastest 1600m relay with a 3:33.15. Fairport had the fastest 3200m relay with 8:31. On the girls side Rush Henrietta ran a 1:44.32. In the 1600m relay Batavia had the fastest time with a 4:15. Hilton had the fastest 3200m relay with a 10:06.

Erica Ellis  vaulted  12 feet 10 inches to advance the Section 5 record and set the Soph NYS record! In the weight throw Anthony Ray threw 59ft. Dylan Heller threw over 44ft in the shotput. Katherine Wiseley threw over 44ft in the weight throw. Madison Offhaus threw over 38ft in the weighthrow. Josh McCleary jumped over 44ft in the triple jump. Colleen Eckl  jumped over 36ft in the triple. Max Gloskey in the long jump jumped 20 feet 8inches. Amanda Vogt  jumped over 17 feet . Dylan DelConte vaulted 13 feet 8 inches in the pole vault. Ryan Garrett jumped 6feet 2 inches in the high jump and Jenna Berry jumped 5feet 5inches.