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Nike and Footlocker National Qualifiers

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Nike New York


Glavin takes 5th over Lawler at 9th

Mendon Boys 6th, Thomas Girls 7th

Nike NXN Nationals take 2 teams from each of 8 regional meets (New York is the only state that is a whole region) plus 4 at large teams.  They also take 45 individual runners (maybe 5 from each region that are not on a qualifying team plus 5 at large?)

Donny Glavin (McQuaid) likely qualified and Nathan Lawler (Mendon) possibly qualified for Nike NXN Nationals by taking 5th and 9th overall at the New York Region qualifier.  After a long season of often racing the same course on the same day, but never running in the same race, they finally went head-to-head and just as Glavin's times have been a second or so faster than Lawler's in post-season, Glavin came out on top head-to-head (of course Lawler's a sophomore, so the next couple years should be fun).

The Pittsford Mendon boys team took 6th with the Syracuse area dominating as Liverpool beat Manlius (is that FM?) and took the top 2 team spots for Nike’s team nationals.

For the girls Webster Thomas took 7th as a team and the top Section V runner in the race was Amanda Vestri at 27th.  Thomas teammate Ellie Songer finished just ahead of Livonia’s Haleigh Palotti as they took 40th and 41st.  Manlius won the team championships.

Footlocker Northeast


Footlocker Nationals are for individuals, the country is divided into only 4 regions, and 10 runners qualify from each region.

Section V’s top finishers were Wheatland-Chili's Alex Hogue and East Rochester's Dawson Bathgate who took 1-2 (Bathgate in 1st) at the NYSPHSAA Class D meet, but the positions reversed today as Hogue took 32nd over Bathgate at 44th.

Article by Reg Henderson 3 of www.HendersonFinancialAdvisors.com  (send me pics!)

Great article in the D&C by Jim Castor:  http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/sports/high-school/2015/11/28/regional-cross-country/76457748/

2015 New York State Federation Championships

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

HF-L Boys Take 7th at New York State Federation XC Championships

Liam Lyle, Jackson Tate, Nolan Hoh, Devin Perry, Bryan Tornatore, David Harvey, Cam McDaniel, Coach Bernie Gardner )

Tate and Palotti Section V’s Top Finishers  

New York State Federation Championships are open to all of the state, no slicing up into school size classes, and including New York City which has 42% of the state's population and is not included in NYSPHSAA Championships.  

Honeoye Falls-Lima took 7th lead by Jackson Tate and Liam Lyle who took 23rd and 31st respectively. Lyle took 7th among juniors. Tyler Senall of Penfiled took 9th among sophomores.

Haleigh Palotti of Livionia finally went head-to-head against Sammy Watson of Rush-Henrietta and she came out on top in the same race, just as she did based on time in Sectionals and NYSPHSAA's.  Palotti took 4th among sophomores, Watson took 7th among juniors.

 TEAM 7.   255  Honeoye Falls-Lima    (17:08.5  85:42.5 1:17.1)
  1     12  Jackson Tate       SR  16:33.4
  2     17  Liam Lyle          JR  16:40.6
  3     54  Nolan Hoh          SR  17:12.3
  4     67  Bryan Tornatore    SR  17:25.7
  5    105  David Harvey       SR  17:50.5
  6   (131) Devin Perry        SR  18:08.1
  7   (140) Cam McDaniel       FR  18:14.1

Top Section V Boys:

23  Jackson Tate      SR 18  Honeoye Falls-Lima   16:33.4  5:20 
31  Liam Lyle         JR  7  Honeoye Falls-Lima   16:40.6  5:23
84  Nolan Hoh         SR 54  Honeoye Falls-Lima   17:12.3  5:33 
86  Tyler Senall      SO  9  Penfield             17:14.5  5:33 
90  Dawson Bathgate   SR 56  East Rochester       17:17.2  5:34 

Top Section V Girls:

26  Hayleigh Palotti    SO  4  Livonia      19:08.5  6:10 
38  Sammy Watson    JR  7  Rush-Henrietta        19:20.5  6:14 
56  Claire Miller     SR 18  Penfield             19:47.0  6:23 

Article by Reg Henderson 3 of www.HendersonFinancialAdvisors.com

2015 NYSPHSAA XC Championships

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Pittsford Mendon 3-peats as Class B NYSPHSAA Champions

Pictured: Coach Chris Compson, Conor Fitzgerald, Isaac Goodman, Nathan Lawler, Casey Woodward, Griffin Hess, Henry Burton, Sam Trawick, Oliver Smith, Coach Stacy Barkstrom

Glavin edges Lawler for fastest time again this week

Dellinger replaces Bathgate at position 3


Bathgate and Hogue sweep 1-2 Class D


Palotti is fastest girl and takes 3rd Class C

Canandaigua freshmen Rhuede goes faster than Watson for positions 2 and 3


Boys Individual Top Merged Results:

1 (5) Donny Glavin, McQuaid Jesuit, 16:01.7

2 (6) Nathan Lawler**, Pittsford Mendon, 16:03.3

3 (9) Paul Dellinger*, Brighton, 16:10.8

4 (25) Dawson Bathgate, East Rochester, 16:29.0

5 (35) Alex Hogue, Wheatland-Chili, 16:40.5

6 (38) Jackson Tate, Honeoye Falls-Lima, 16:44.5

7 (55) Henry Burton, Pittsford Mendon, 16:51.9

Girls Individual Top Merged Results:

Some experienced seniors make their strongest showing of the season

1 (37) Haleigh Palotti**, Livonia, 19:13.0

2 (52) Clancy Rheude***, Canandaigua, 19:23.5

3 (61) Sammy Watson*, Rush-Henrietta, 19:32.9

4 (66) Elie Songer, Webster Thomas, 19:35.5

5 (68) Sydney McDaniel, Honeoye Falls-Lima, 19:36.4

6 (78) Claire Miller, Penfield, 19:44.0

7 (99) Megha Singh, Pittsford Mendon, 20:04.6

Boys Team:

A: McQuaid Jesuit 8th (17:13.0)

B: Pittsford Mendon 1st (16:53.2) *Section V won the competition between Sections.

C: Bath-Haverling 10th (18:42.6)

D: Addison 6th(18:51.0)

Girls Team:

A: Webster Thomas 6th (20:13)

B: Honeoye Falls-Lima 6th (20:28.7)

C: Livonia 8th (21:37.5)

D: Addison 4th (22:06.4) 

Next week is Federations.  Could we finally see Glavin, Lawler, Dellinger, Bathgate and Goodman in the same race?

Photos by Ron Kalasinskas at www.RochesterForKids.com

Article by Reg Henderson 3 at www.HendersonFinancialAdvisors.com

2015 Section V XC Championships at Victor

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Pittsford Mendon Boys and Webster Thomas Girls 3-peat!

Glavin runs faster than Lawler, Palotti runs faster time than Watson, who would have won head-to-head?

Merged Results:

BOYS: They didn’t run against each other, but season leaders Donny Glavin, Nathan Lawler and Dawson Bathgate all ran the same course today and Glavin’s 15:57 nipped Lawler’s 15:59 for the fastest of the day, Bathgate was off the leaders pace today as his 16:30 only placed 5th in merged results with Isaac Goodman and Paul Dellinger getting the 3rd and 4th fastest times of the day.

In merged team results Pittsford Mendon blew away all classes with 58 points to McQuaid Jesuit’s 123 and Honeoye Falls-Lima’s 145.  For the small schools (class C, D, DD), the top merged finisher was Addison followed by Bath-Haverling and Marcus Whitman.

Here’s the roster for Pittsford Mendon, the best boys team in Section V (and two-time defending State Champion):  Nathan Lawler 15:59.2, Isaac Goodman 16:20.6, Griffen Hess 16:40.8, Henry Burton 17:07.5, Sam Trawick 17:12.5, Casey Woodward 17:16.5, Conor Fitzgerald 18:21.7.

GIRLS: Haleigh Palotti 18:56 became the first Section V girl to run faster than Sammy Watson 19:01 this season, although not in a head-to-head race.  Anna Kostarellis 19:13 and Amanda Vestri 19:14 battled it out for 2nd Class A, 3rd in merged.  And then came Canandaigua’s freshmen duo of  Clancy Rhede and Katie Cobos who swept the first two spots of Class B and took 5th and 6th merged.

In merged team results, Webster Thomas held off Honeoye Falls-Lima 89 – 109, with Rush-Henrietta in 3rd at 146.   For the small schools the top merged finisher was Livonia followed by Addison and Harley-Allendale-Columbia.

Here’s the roster for Webster Thomas, the best girls team in Section V:  Amanda Vestry 19:14.4, Ellie Songer 19:32.4, Claire Ashton 19:43.6, Natalie Neamtu 20:26.3, Kate Welch 20:30.4, Taylor Zeigler 20:32.9, Alex Carpenter 20:40.36 (yep, their 7th girl ran a 20:40.6)

HIS and HERS: Combining boys and girls programs in merged results, Honeoye Falls-Lima did best taking 2nd girls and 3rd boys.  For small schools Addison was 1st in boys and 2nd in girls.

Section V Champions:

Class A  Boys Team: McQuaid Jesuit    Individual: Donny Glavin

Class A Girls Team:  Webster Thomas    Indvidiual: Sammy Watson

Class B  Boys Team:  Pittsford Mendon    Individual:  Nathan Lawler

Class B Girls Team: Honeoye Falls-Lima    Individual: Clancy Rheude

Class C Boys Team: Bath-Haverling    Individual: Austin Miller

Class C Girls Team: Livonia    Individual: Hayleigh Palotti

Class D Boys Team:  Honeoye Central    Individual: Alex Hogue

Class DD Boys Team:  Addison  Individual: Dawson Bathgate

Class D Girls Team: Harley-Allendale-Columbia    Indvidual: Eileen Reinhardt (HAC)

Class DD Girls Team:  Addison    Individual: Chloe Weaver (Red Creek)

Top Boys Merged:

1. Donny Glavin, McQuaid Jesuit, 15:57.0

2. Nathan Lawler, Pittsford Mendon, 15:59.2

3, Isaac Goodman, Pittsford Mendon, 16:20.6

4, Paul Dellinger, Brighton, 16:26.9

5, Dawson Bathgate, East Rochester, 16:30.0

6, Caleb Covell, Eastridge, 16:33.0

7, Jackson Tate, Honeoye Falls-Lima, 16:35.8

8, Luke Robbins, Pittsford Sutherland, 16:38.4

9, Griffin Hess, Pittsford Mendon, 16:40.8

10, Liam Lyle, Honeoye Falls-Lima, 16:47.1

Top Girls Merged:

1, Hayleigh Palotti, Livonia, 18:56.8

2, Sammy Watson, Rush-Henrietta, 19:01.0

3, Anna Kostarellis, Churchville-Chili, 19:13.0

4, Amanda Vestri, Webster Thomas, 19:14.4

5, Clancy Rheude, Canandaigua, 19:14.8

6, Katie Cobos, Canandaigua, 19:24.4

7, Claire Miller, Penfield, 19:24.9

8, Sydney McDaniel, Honeoye Falls-Lima, 19:27.2

9, Payton Reed, Honeoye Falls-Lima, 19:27.2

10, Ellie Songer, Webster Thomas 19:34.2

Photos by Ron Kalasinskas at www.RochesterForKids.com

Article by Reg Henderson 3 at www.HendersonFinancialAdvisors.com