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New York State Federation Championships

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Pittsford Mendon Boys 2nd

Geiger and Albrecht top Section V finishers

Full results at: http://leonetiming.com

Federations are the real state championships where New York City (1/2 of the state population) is included and school size doesn't matter.  

In the whole state including New York City's 3 leagues (PSAL, CHSAA, AAIS) and regardless of school size Pittsford Mendon is the 2nd best in the state to St. Anthony's.  Brighton took 10th and proved that they were the 2nd fastest Class B beating the NYSPHSAA Class B 2nd place school Bayport-Blue Point who took 19th.

Everett Geiger of Caledonia-Mumford was the top Section V individual taking 26th and Autumn Albrecht of Brockport was the top Section V girl at 42nd.

Top Boys:

Everett Geiger Caledonia Mumford  16:20.8

Isaac Goodman Pittsford Mendon  16:34.9

Paull Dellinger Brighton 16:41.8

Henry Burton Pittsford Mendon 16:45.4

Matt Geraci Honeoye Falls-Lima  16:46.2

Griffen Hess  Pittsford Mendon  16:54.6

Liam Oberst  Brighton  16:56.6

Top Girls

Autumn Albrecht  Brockport  19:20.7

Claire Miller  Penfield  19:53.6

Megan Sedita  Penfield  19:54.9

Mary Barger  Pittsford 19:59.7



Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Pittsford Mendon Boys Repeat Class B State Championship 


Pittsford Mendon’s Boys repeated their state championship scoring only 55 points to win Class B with an average time of 16:48.5 which was 25 seconds faster than 2nd place  Bayport-Bluepoint of Long Island  at 96 points 17:13.7.  (Mendon only beat Brighton at Section V Championships on average time by less than 13 seconds).  In merged results Mendon took 3rd behind Fayetteville-Manlius of the Syracuse area and Shenendehowa of the Albany area.  In their interchangeable-parts team - the only member who was in the same team slot from last week was Isaac Goodman who was their fastest again, with Griffen Hess and Henry Burton,  (who both beat Goodman at Counties), just seconds behind, then came Nathan Lawler and David Azzara who switched with Kevin Dooley and Evan Feigel from last week for the 4th & 5th scoring positions.  Congrats on a great job by the Mendon team and coaching staff lead by Chris Compson. 

1.    55  Pittsford Mendon               (16:48.5  84:02.1 0:42.5)
  1      6  Isaac Goodman     JR    16:32.3
  2      8  Griffin Hess            JR    16:35.0
  3      9  Henry Burton         JR    16:37.8
  4     14  Nathan Lawler      FR    17:02.2
  5     18  David Azzara         SR    17:14.8
  6   ( 20) Kevin Dooley        SR    17:17.8
  7   ( 23) Evan Feigel           SR    17:23.6


Alex Cooper of Rush-Henrietta continued her season of being Section V’s top girl runner in every single race she’s entered running 18:29.7 for 7th in both Class A and merged results.  This week there was a new number 2 though as Amanda Vestri was Section V’s 2nd fastest wiith 18:49.3 for 18th Class A and 19th merged.  Anna Kostarellis of Churchville-Chili came in at 18:56.5 for 6th in Class B and 28th merged.

Girls Merged

 7  Alex Cooper             SR  Rush-Henrietta          18:29.7   A  7  
13  Amanda Vestri       SO  Webster Thomas      18:49.3   A 18  
28  Anna Kostarellis     SO  Churchville-Chili       18:56.5   B  6  
32  Mary Barger            SR  Pittsford Mendon    19:01.3   B 10  
39  Autumn Albrecht   SR  Brockport                   19:06.3   B 12  
67  Meghan Curtin       JR  Wayland-Cohocton   19:22.9   C  8  
69  Sammy Watson      SO  Rush-Henrietta         19:23.4   A 40  


The boys shuffled the deck again and this time Nick Ciolkowski of McQuaid came out on top taking 16th in merged and 12th in Class A, looks like he peaked at the right time.  McQuaid’s Donny Glavin who won at Burnt Hills came in 23rd merged and 15th Class A.  Everett Geiger of East Rochester who had Section V’s top time at Sectionals came in 34th and 3rd for Class D.  Paul Dellinger of Brighton was Section V’s top sophomore taking 41st merged and 11th Class B.  Mendon’s Goodman, Hess and Burton rounded out Section V’s top 7.

Boys Merged

16 Nick Ciolkowski     SR  McQuaid Jesuit          16:03.3   A 12  
23 Donovan Glavin     JR  McQuaid Jesuit          16:11.6   A 15  
34 Everett Geiger       SR  Caledonia-Mumford 16:20.3   D  3  
41 Paul Dellinger        SO  Brighton                      16:26.8   B 11  
51 Isaac Goodman     JR  Pittsford Mendon       16:32.3   B 14  
55 Griffin Hess            JR  Pittsford Mendon       16:35.0   B 17  
58 Henry Burton        JR  Pittsford Mendon       16:37.8   B 18  

Class A Boys

McQuaid Jesuit  8th (avg. 17:11.4)

Nick Ciolkowski  McQuaid  Jesuit  12th at 16:03.3

Class A Girls

Webster Thomas 8th (avg. 20.06.6)

Alex Cooper Rush Henrietta   7th 18:29.7

Class B Boys

Pittsford Mendon 1st (avg. 16:48.5)

Paul Dellenger Brighton  11th 16:26.8

Class B Girls

Pittsford Mendon 6th (avg. 20:28.9)

Anna Kostarellis 6th 18:56.5

Class C Boys

Waterloo 10th (avg.18:41.6)

Joseph Northrup Waterloo  22nd 16:59.5

Class C Girls

Livonia 8th (avg. 21:51.1)

Meghan Curtin Wayland-Cohocton  8th 19:22.9

Class D Boys

East Rochester 4th (avg. 18:04.1)

Everett Geiger Caledonia-Mumford  3rd 16:20.3

Class D Girls

Addison 5th (avg. 21:41.6)

Anna Warner Notre Dame-Batavia 7th 20:00.5

Dave Hennessey recognized by National Federation of High Schools for most XC victories

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

A cursory review of the NFHS’ online National High School Sports Record Book reveals that coach Dave Hennessey of Penfield (New York) High School holds the all-time national record for boys cross country victories.

However, what makes that even more impressive – doubly so – is the fact that he also holds the national record for girls cross country victories.

Full article by John Gillis  at  www.nfhs.org



2014 Section V XC Championships at Victor

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

complete resulst at yentiming.com

Girls Team Results

A - Webster Thomas 54 (20:10.1), Penfield 58, Rush-Henrietta 67

B - Pittsford Mendon 54 (20:22.8), Honeoye Falls-Lima 66, Pittsford Sutherland 122

C - Livonia 54 (21:50.4), Waterloo 97, Wayland-Cohocton 98

D - Arkport 41 (23:04.7), Keshequa 50, Harley-Allendale Columbia 60

DD - Addison 34 (21:42.6), Red Creek 60, Notre Dame-Batavia 89

Boys Team Results

A -  McQuaid Jesuit 42 (16:58.8), Webster Thomas 58, Fairport 88

B - Pittsford Mendon 20 (16:48.0), Brighton 51, Honeoye Falls-Lima 88

C - Waterloo 83 (18:24.7), Bath-Haverling 128, Hornell 138

D - Honeoye 42 (18:48.5), Marion 47, Wheatland-Chili 104

DD - East Rochester  41 (17:50.6), Oakfield/Elba 74, Red Creek 150

Individual Champions

A – Alex Cooper Rush-Henrietta 18:55.4

B – Anna Kostarellis Churchville-Chili 18:57.4

C – Meghan Curtin Wayland-Cohocton 19:33.4

D – Sylvia Thompson Keshequa 20:53.1

DD – Anna Warner Notre Dame-Batavia 20:12.2

A – Nick Ciolkowski McQuaidd 16:18.0

B – Isaac Goodman Pittsford Mendon 16:34.7

C – Joseph Northrup Waterloo 17:04.7

D – Alex Hogue Wheatland-Chili 17:02.6

DD – Everett Geiger Caledonia-Mumford 16:16.9

Merged Results Individual


1. Alex Cooper Rush-Henrietta 18:55.4

2. Anna Kostarellis Churchville-Chili 18:57.4

3. Autumn Albrecht Brockport 19:11.5

4. Mary Barger Pittsford Mendon 19:18.0

5. Siobhan Quinn Rush-Henrietta 19:18.6

6. Mary Visca Pittsford Sutherland 19:21.3

7. Claire Miller Penfield 19:26.4


1. Everett Geiger Caledonia-Mumford 16:16.9

2. Nick Ciolkowski McQuaid Jesuit 16:18.0

3. Britt Kaukeinen Irondequoit 16:27.9

4. Dawson Bathgate East Rochester 16:31.1

5. Donovan Glavin McQuaid Jesuit 16:32.8

6. Isaac Goodman Pittsford Mendon 16:34.7

7. Paul Dellinger Brighton 16:38.7


Pittsford Mendon and Brighton boys are ranked number 1 and 2 in the state for Class B and they took 1-2 in class B and merged results.

Everett Geiger of Caledonia-Mumford in Class DD took 1st place in merged results.  This year's crop of boys has had invitational winners coming from all over the top 13 boys in merged results with predictions impossible and results like shaking dice.

Alex Cooper 18:55.4 over Anna Kostarellis 18:57.4 in girls merged results.  Kostarellis has closed the gap between herself and Cooper nearly every weekend this season and this week it was only 2 seconds.

Class A girls team was very competitive and Webster Thomas won a squeaker over Penfield for girls Class A and merged results.  Thomas's getting 3 girls in the top 8 beat out Penfield having all 5 girls in the top 17.  Both pretty amazing. Meanwhile Rush-Henrietta swept top 2, and had the lowest average time of any team, but only managed to get 3rd.