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 New- ALL-TIME LISTS: Coach Yen, with the help of a few other coaches,  has started to compile Indoor "all-time" lists for Boys and Girls from sanctioned HS meets. The ultimate goal is to get to the top 10-15 for our standard events.  The committee will decide on any conversions. Prior to 1980, most races were yards. (ex. John Tuttle in 1977 ran 2:14.2 1000y, 1000m is 1093.61y).The initial lists are linked here:  Girls - Boys -

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  COACHES' LEADERBOARD NOTE - In the Sprint races especially, it is most important that all coaches are on the same wave length when making leader entries. This is the process: 100m - kid runs 11.52 hand time which rounds up to 11.6, then click the hand time box which adds .24 sec for a converted FAT time of 11.84 (always ends in a 4). Why did I round up??? Hand times should not be measured in hundredths. Because all coaches and officials are not going to be right on the gun and the finish every time. The start is always late (by at least .24) and without the camera, the click at the line is not always accurate.  Bottom line: all non-FAT times need to be rounded up with .24 added on.  Thanks!  Dave Y.

Wellsville Track & Field is looking for interested teams for the following dates: April 24th & May 1st.
Meets will be in Wellsville with FAT timing available
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Manhattan & Penfield Invites

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Lawler takes 3rd at Manhattan Invite Eastern States

Palotti wins at Penfield-Irondequoit

Penfield-Irondequoit 5k (3.1 mile)

Oct 7 at Harris-Whalen Park, Penfield

Penfield Boys remained undefeated by Section V teams winning the 17 team field with 25 points.  They were lead by Tyler Senall who won the boys race of 270 runners at 16:29.16  for a 5:18 pace, but coming within 3 seconds was Ryan Thompson of Irondequoit at 16:32.55 (5:19 pace).  Irondquoit took 2nd as a team with 37 points over third HFL at 77.

Hayleigh Palotti of Livonia (19:18.67, 6:12.5 pace) came out on top over 208 girls winning over second place Madeleine Shellard of Irondquoitwith at 19:41.55 (6:20 pace),  Shellard had a faster time than Palottii at McQuaid last week, but not in the same race.  Penfield Girls won (as well as the boys) with HFL in 2nd and  co-host Irondequoit in third out of 13 teams.

Manhattan Invite 2.5 mile (4k)

Oct 8 at Van Cortland Park, NYC


Nathan Lawler of Pittsford Mendon took 3rd in the Eastern States Championships with a time of 12:24.20 (4:57.5 pace).  Paul Dellinger of Brighton ran a 12:47.6 (5:07 pace) and Jonah Simpson of Brighton ran a 13:32.1 (5:24.8 pace).

Section V’s top girl was Elyse Barkstrom of Pittsford Mendon with a 16:11.5 (6:28.6 pace)

McQuaid Invite 2016

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Vestri and Lawler Shine at McQuaid

Webster Thomas and Penfield have top team showings

Amanda Vestri blazed a 17:03.1 at McQuaid to place 2nd in merged result and lead Webster Thomas to 4th.  Vestri had over 20 seconds of separation between herself and the next finisher in the field of 2,429 with Anna Kostarellis of Churchville-Chili and Madeleine Shellard of Irondequoit taking 3rd and 4th over all merged results to give Section V girls one of their strongest McQuaid Invite showings ever.

The following results are the top Section V runners based on merged, regardless of which particular race.  Section V’s top 7 boys and girls were all within the top 1% of the finishers.

Penfield, Pittsford Mendon, and Hilton placed both their boys and girls teams in the top 7.

Girls Individual (out of 2,429 finishers)

1.       1. Amanda Vestri, Webster Thomas, 17:03.1 (2)

2.       2. Anna Kostarellis, Churchville-Chili, 17:26.0 (3)

3.      3. Madeleine Shellard, Irondequoit, 17:28.1 (4)

4.       4. Sammy Watson, Rush-Henrietta, 18:02.2 (13)

5.       5. Hayleigh Palotti, Livonia, 18:02.6 (14)

6.       6. Claire Ashton, Webster Thomas, 18:07.3 (17)

7.       7. Bailey Pierce, Rush-Henrietta, 18:08.9 (18)

Girls Teams (out of 159 complete teams)

1.       1. Webster Thomas, 316, 18:31.6 (4)

2.       2. Rush-Henrietta, 506, 18:58.3 (9)

3.       3. Fairport, 732, 19:27.4 (15)

4.       4. Canandaigua, 764, 19:22.9 (17)

5.       5. Pittsford Mendon, 887, 19:37.9 (21)

6.       6. Penfield, 901, 19:38.4 (22)

7.       7. Hilton, 931, 19:37.8 (23)

For the boys Nathan Lawler placed 3rd and matching the results from Wayne, Paul Dellinger of Brighton was 2nd and Tyler Senall of Penfield was 3rd among Secton V runners. EXCEPT... this week Payton Gleason of Churchville-Chili joined the trinity getting the same time as Senall. Penfield was the top Section V boys team at 8th out of 200 complete teams.

Boys Individual (out of 3,293 finishers)

1.      1. Nathan Lawler, Pittsford Mendon, 14:51.1 (3)

2.       2. Paul Dellinger, Brighton, 15:02.7 (9)

3.       3. Tyler Senall, Penfield, 15:17.7 (21)

4.       4. Payton Gleason, Churchville Chili, 15:17.7 (22)

5.       5. Jonah Simpson, Brighton, 15:22.7 (26)

6.       6. Nicholas Andrews, Brockport, 15:23.8 (27)

7.       7. Ryan Thompson, Irondequoit, 15:27.8 (31)

Boys Teams (out of 200 complete teams)

1.       1. Penfield, 449, 15:50.8 (8)

2.       2. McQuaid Jesuit, 606, 16:03.1 (11)

3.       3. Pittsford Mendon, 639, 15:57.3 (13)

4.       4. Brockport, 684, 16:01.3 (16)

5.       5. Brighton, 721, 15:59.6 (18)

6.       6. Hilton, 766, 16:09.5 (19)

7.       7. Churchville, 825, 16:10.9 (20)


Wayne Eagle XC Invitational 2016

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

Top Boys: Lawler, Dellinger, Senall   Teams: Penfield, Brockport, Brighton

Top Girls: Watson, Kostarellis, Palotti   Teams: Rush, Fairport, Canandaigua

pics by Ron Kalasinskas at www.rochesterforkids.com

2016 Summer Series

Written by Reggie Henderson on .

7 Summer Series Records Broken

Tuesday night track meets in Rochester have been going on since the 60’s, and this summer at the Max Velocity Tuesday Night Series there were 7 records broken.  (at least, correct me if I’m wrong)  Remember, records broken this summer are the best performances of 50 summers of athletes competing in this series.

Sammy Watson came home from Olympic Trials and broke Penny O’Brien’s 30-year-old 600m record of 1:39.1 from 1985 with Watson’s 1:33.60 on July 12.  (note: Sammy also won the 800 and 4x400 at the World Junior Championships)

Lanae-Tava Thomas long jumped 21-03 to obliterate the record of 18-11.75 set in 2005 by Viktoriya Rybalko.

Aubrianna Lantrip high jumped 5-8 to break the record of 5-6 held jointly by Mackenzie Sturtz from 2012 and Kimberly DePrez from 2003.

Max Gloskey broke the 110m Hurdles 39" (high school boys) record with a 14.48 to break Anthony Clark's 14.66 from 2015.

Alana Morrow tied Jamie McClary’s record from 2008 in the 100m Hurdles of 14.87.

The 55 is a new event and this year Tre’maine Moore ran 6.54 to break Kelly Brown’s record of 6.59 set last year.   Lanae-Tava Thomas ran 7.04 to break her own record of 7.20 from last year.  Stacking these up against the 50m records.  For the guys, Ben James ran a 5.6 ht in 1984 (=5.84 FAT =6.43 for 55) and Chandler Brown ran a 5.89 in 2007 (=6.48 for 55).  For the girls Sametra Kelly ran a 6.45 in 2007 (=7.08 for 55).

Complete records at: http://www.rochestersummertrack.com/summer-series/records