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On behalf of the chaperones with want to thank you for a very enjoyable weekend and congratulate everyone on a successful state meet, bring home nearing 150 medals.  We are all very proud of you. 

We wish the seniors all the luck in the future and look forward to working with the underclassmen again next spring. 

Have a great summer!

-Mr. Bush and Mr. Rosko


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 New- ALL-TIME INDOOR LISTS: Coach Yen, with the help of a few other coaches,  has started to compile Indoor "all-time" lists for Boys and Girls from sanctioned HS meets. The ultimate goal is to get to the top 10-15 for our standard events.  The committee will decide on any conversions. Prior to 1980, most races were yards. (ex. John Tuttle in 1977 ran 2:14.2 1000y, 1000m is 1093.61y).The initial lists are linked here:  Girls - Boys -I will get back to these soon.

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Feb 4, 2017 - Weekend Recap

Written by Connor Kerr on .

Fast times were all over the map starting with the 1600m/1500m. Nathan Lawler had the fastest time with a 4:27.48 and Alec Andrews close behind with 4:27.51. Majd Rouhana also did well winning his race in 4:29. Haley Riorden a sophmore came through in 4:47 winning her race and Bailey Pierce her teammate followed in 4:50.

There were fast times in the 1000m as well when Ben Bulkeley ran a 2:29.54 putting him 5th in the nation. Tyler Senall followed in 2:33 and Shane Pease won his race in 2:41. Anna Kostarellis won her race in 2:54 putting her 18th in the country. During the 600m Lowell McCarthy ran a 1:26 and Ethan Hilbert ran a 1:28. Hayleigh Palotti had the fastest 600 for the girls with a 1:36 and Elyse Barkstrom ran a 1:43.

Noah Williams won his 300m race with a 34.88 putting him 21st in the country and 7th in the state. The fastest 300m for the girls was run by Sinead Sargeant with a 42.48 and Waniya Hudson ran a 43.30. during the 55m Anthony Brinson ran a 6.69 and Da'Kari Brown  ran a 6.72. Nazjahe Boswell ran a 7.64 and Abby Frank ran a 7.31.

Tony SanGregory ran a 7.93 in the 55mh and Ahmad Clanton ran a 7.89. Chima Dimgba    ran a 8.60 and Chanel Odum 8.75. Emily Murphy a freshman won her racewalk event in 7:31 putting her 21st in the state.

On the boys side McQuaid Jesuit won the 800m relay in 1:30.80 putting them 4th in the state and 25th in the nation. Webster Thomas had the fastest 1600m relay with a 3:33.15. Fairport had the fastest 3200m relay with 8:31. On the girls side Rush Henrietta ran a 1:44.32. In the 1600m relay Batavia had the fastest time with a 4:15. Hilton had the fastest 3200m relay with a 10:06.

Erica Ellis  vaulted  12 feet 10 inches to advance the Section 5 record and set the Soph NYS record! In the weight throw Anthony Ray threw 59ft. Dylan Heller threw over 44ft in the shotput. Katherine Wiseley threw over 44ft in the weight throw. Madison Offhaus threw over 38ft in the weighthrow. Josh McCleary jumped over 44ft in the triple jump. Colleen Eckl  jumped over 36ft in the triple. Max Gloskey in the long jump jumped 20 feet 8inches. Amanda Vogt  jumped over 17 feet . Dylan DelConte vaulted 13 feet 8 inches in the pole vault. Ryan Garrett jumped 6feet 2 inches in the high jump and Jenna Berry jumped 5feet 5inches.

January 2017 Highlights

Written by Dave Yendrzeski on .

New Balance Grand Prix - Section 5 Highlights:

Sammy Watson - 2:03.94 -  800m Pro - 4th (#3 all-time)
Ben Bulkeley - 1:56.43 - 800m Boys - 1st
Anna Kostarellis - 4:55.52 - 1 mile girls  -3rd

Sammy Watson - 600m 1:28.67 (.664)- National Record!
Sect 5 vs Sect 6 meet at Houghton College

Sammy Watson 600m Record
















2017-Jan 27-28 Highlights

Written by Connor Kerr on .

Nick Caterisano of McQuaid runs the fastest 3200m this weekend with a 10:03 and Tyler Jones of Williamson runs a 10:07. There were seven times this weekend in the 1600m that were all around the 4:30 mark. Tyler Senall of Penfield runs the fastest time of 4:25 down at the Ocean Breeze Invite. There was close competition in the 1600. Paul Dellinger (Brighton), Majd Rouhana (Fairport), Shane Pease (Greece Athena), Aidan Blake (McQuaid) and Nathan Lawler (Mendon) all closely follow at local meets.
Cole Ziskind of Webster Thomas runs a 2:38.73 in the 1000m but that wasn’t the only fast mid-distance race. Ben Bulkeley ran a 1:56.43 in the 800m down at the Ocean Breeze Invite for the win. Lukas D'Alfonso clocks the fastest 600m with a 1:25.73 and Connor Preston of Victor runs a 1:25.87.
Jacob Schmid of Wayne ran a 36.52 300m this week which puts him 5th on the leaderboard. Noah Williams of McQuaid runs a 6.50 which beats his previous PR and school record of 6.51. Jayon Frater of Brockport ran the fastest 55mh with a 7.88.
Penfield had the fastest 3200m relay ran the section leading time of 8:06 down at Ocean Breeze invite. McQuaid ran the section leading 1600m relay with a 3:27.57. Gates Chili had the fastest 800m relay with a 1:34.68.
Bailey Peirce of Rush Henrietta ran a 10:41 in the 3000m. Amanda Vestri of Webster Thomas ran a 4:45 1500m which was an indoor PR. Haley Riorden was the fastest 1000m with a 3:00. Vanessa Watson of Spencerport had the fastest 600 this week with a 1:36.10.

Vanessa also had the fastest 300m this week in 41.95 a full second away from her record which does put her 3rd on the leaderboard. Nazjahe Boswell of World of Inquiry had the fastest 55m this week with a 7.38. Indya Richards of Gates-Chili had the fastest 55mh with an 8.48. Grace VanGorder of Canandaguia had the fastest 1500m race walk with a 7:53.

Hilton had the fastest 320m relay with a 10:14. Victor had the best 1600m relay with 4:19. Gates chili had the best 800m relay with 1:46.

Eythan Brigss of Wayland – Cohocton threw a personal best of 44’06.25’’ at the Wayne-Fingerlakes/Livingstone County meet to move up to 6th on the Section V leaderboard. Dylan Heller of Webster Schroeder also had a personal best of 43’8.5’’ to move up to 8th on the leaderboard.

Madison Offhaus of Warsaw obliterated her personal best by three feet with a toss of 39’11.75’’ to lead Section V. Asia Hoyte of Pittsford Mendon also had a personal best of 35’7.5’’ this weekend.

Aaron Rodriguez of Franklin eclipsed his best throw by three plus feet with a toss of 51’5.5’’ to take fifth on the leaderboard. Brendan Collins also had a personal best shattering his best by four feet with a toss of 48’11’’. Wolfgarr Lobo of Avon improves his throw by five feet with a toss of 48’9.5’’. And Matt McHenry of Canandaigua improves his personal best by two feet for 47’8.5’’.

Monique Hardy of Webster Thomas improves her toss by three and a half feet with a toss of 43’03’’ to move up to fourth on the Section V leaderboard. Grace Messina also has a personal best by a foot to throw 42’9’’. Kayla Nellis of Hilton 40’8.25’’ for a personal best and hold on 6th on the Section V leaderboard. And Jessey Bruening of Palmyra-Macedon improved by four feet with a toss of 36’9’’.

Dante Arbelo leads Section V with at high jump of 6’4’’ for a personal best. And Ryan Garrett has a season best of 6’1’’ to take over 3rd in Section V.

Alexis Delong of Batavia improves by four inches to clear 4’9’’ this weekend.

Roman Sagan of Brockport has a personal best long jump of 22’ 0.75’’ to take over the Section V leaderboard. Brandon Leiter of Webster Thomas has a season best of 21’5.5’’ to take fifth on the leaderboard. Fonati Merriam has a personal best of 21’4’’ to take sixth on board. Bryce Rattray leads class D with a jump of 21’2.75’’. Michael Allan of Greece Arcadia leaps 21’ for a personal best to take 10th on the board.
Anaya Dees of Hilton improves her long jump to 18’ to take over 2nd for the Section V leaderboard. Shana Spinks of the School of the Arts leaps 17’1.5” to move up to 7th on the leaderboard. Morgan Femiano of Greece Arcadia leaps 17’1.25” to move up to 8th on the leaderboard. Popping a great jump for a personal best by three feet was Jadin Vasciannie of Batavia with a jump of 16’11’’. Josephine Redlin of Gates-Chili jumps 16’10 to take tenth on the leaderboard with a best personal jump.

Cosmo Giunta of Gates-Chili vaults to 13’ in the pole vault for a personal best and 5th on the leaderboard. Elizabeth Cohen of Batavia has a personal best of 9’ to take tenth on the leaderboard.

For the triple jump Amber Daley leaps a personal best of 34’9’’ to take 8th on the leaderboard.

Michael Allen of Greece Arcadia has a personal best triple jump of 44’1.5’’ to lead Section V. At the same meet Jayon Frater of Brockport leaps a season best of 43’11’’ to take third on the Section V leaderboard.

Watson Breaks Record at 5 vs 6

Written by Connor Kerr on .

Section 5 vs Section 6 at Houghton
(Girls) Rush-Henrietta wins
Sammy Watson breaks the national record for the 600m with a 1:28.67! No less, she did this on a flat track while the previous National Record was done on a banked track. The previous week at the VA showcase, Sammy won the 500m in 1:11.75 to break Karen Elliott’s (Penfield) record of 1:19. Sammy is on Fire!
Rush Henrietta’s Jaelyn Davis runs a 7.20 to come just behind Jenna Crean of Orchard Park who came in at 7.19 in the 55m. 
Vanessa Watson of Spencerport came in 3rd with a 41.14 while Jenna Crean of Orchard Park won with a 39.62 in the 300m.
Anna Kostarellis of Churchville Chili won her race with a 2:57.61 to win by two seconds in the 1000m.
Haley Riorden of Rush Henrietta comes in 3rd  for the 1500 with a 4:59 while Elsa Cole of Fillmore won in 4:57.
Hayleigh Palotti of Livonia won the 3000m in 10:25 while Chloe Weaver of Red Creek comes in 2nd with a 10:42
Indya Richards of Gates-chili won the 55 hurdles with a 8.51 while others from section 6 followed closely.
Gates chili won the 800 relay in 1:46.43 while Lancaster was not too far behind.
Rush Henrietta won the 1600m relay in 4:01.00 to lead the section 5 leaderboard by over thirteen seconds!
Rush Henrietta comes in second in the 3200m relay with a 10:09 while Williamsville south won in 9:50.
In the DMR Aquinas comes in 3rd in 14:21 while Elmira won in 13:27
In the 1500 race walk Emily Murphy of Penfield raced  7:47 to put her 3rd. 
Dyonte Allen of Gates chili places 2nd in the high jump with 5-04.00. Penfield’s Regan Maguire places third in the pole vault with 10-00.00 to place her 5th on the leaderboard. SherDavesia Jacque of Gates chili jumps 16-03.00 in the long jump to give her 4th place. Josephine Redlin of Gates chili came in 3rd with  35-06.00.   Lindsay Johnson of Rush Henrietta throws 33-09.50  to get 4th place in the shot put. Casey Metzler of Penfield gets 6th throwing 35-01.00 for the weight throw.
(Boys) Penfield wins
Myles Calhoun of Rush Henrietta runs a 6.58 while Derrick Rogers of Gates Chili runs a 6.59 in the 55m.
    Section 6 dominated the 300m but Webster Thomas’s Max Gloskey made sure they weren’t alone when he ran 36.98 to put him 5th.
    Treston White of Lockport ran a 1:23.89 to win the 600m while aiden Daniels of Rush Henrietta came in at 1:28.41.
    Cole Ziskind of Webster Thomas ran a 2:39.10 in the 1000m placing second just missing out on 1st place.
    Tyler Senall of Penfield won the 1600m in 4:26 to place him 3rd on the leaderboard and to place him 17th for the state.
    Brad Farnham of Penfield comes in 2nd in the 3200 with a 9:57 while Grey Conover of Clarence won in 9:53.
    Max Gloskey of Webster Thomas won the 55m hurdles in 7.83.
    Gates Chili won the 800m relay in 1:33.35 and Rush Henrietta won the 1600m relay in 3:30.27. Penfield got 3rd in the 3200m relay with 8:42 while Orchard Park won in 8:32. Penfield won the DMR in 11:18.
Dante Arbelo  of Gates chili won the high jump in 6-03.00. Jonah McGrath of Penfield got 3rd on the pole vault with 12-06.00. Derrick Rogers  got 3rd with 21-03.50 in the long jump. Jalen Smith of Gates won the triple jump in 44-01.00. Andrew Palermo of Spencerport did well in the shot put with 46-07.75 while the winning length was over 53ft. Andrew Palermo increased his Section V record with a win in the weight throw in 60-10.75 !