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FOR 2023:  Check the Meet Information for details.

Sectional Entry: Entries will be made online in the team account, along with the Eligibility Form that is to be delivered to the League Coordinator. After Sectional Online entry closes at 4:00 on the due date, those entries will be downloaded and pulled into the meet database. From this point forward, no other entries will be permitted (timestamp after 4:00). Entries will not be posted nor will there be a round of scratches prior to the Committee seeding meeting, so take care when preparing and making your entries.

  • Individual Entries/cuts will be based on top 16 entries made (18 for 300/600 to fill lanes).
  • All Relay Team A Entries accepted if there is a time from the season.
  • No wild card entries, No scratch deadline.
  • Seeding meeting will be limited to Indoor Track Committee and Yen Timing.

Can I substitute anyone after the entries have closed?
No. This includes relays, so make sure to get your 4-6 athletes declared for each relay.

Individual Entry Limits: An athlete can only be entered in a maximum of 3 individual events. An athlete entered in less than 3 may be entered in any/all relays as long as they do not exceed the maximum of 3 events. Here are the accepted scenarios:

 - 3 individual events - cannot be entered in or compete in a relay event.
 - 2 individual events - can be entered in up to 3 relays, but can only compete in 1 of them.
 - 1 individual event - can be entered in up to 3 relays, but can only compete in 2 of them.

Relays: Each Team is allowed to enter a "Relay Team A" for each relay event because relay teams are Accepted (automatic)  if they have a time for the season. One performance from the season is required.  But you still need to make the online entry for each relay team you wish to enter. (with the 4-6 names).

If an athlete fails to "Check in"  to an event for which they are scheduled,
then they are done for the remainder of the meet. This includes Track and field.

Athletes in Track and Field events going on at the same time
They need to check out with the Field Official in order to check in and compete on the track. There is a Time limit for checking back in with the Field official , so be sure to communicate with that Field official. If the track event is held up, you should check back in with the Field official. HJ and PV bars will continue to advance (they will not wait for the checked out athlete to come back).

* For further clarification or appeals involving exceptional situations, please contact your League Coordinator.